Good Life Bikes on CTV news

Published Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 2:08PM MST

Calgarians can make a difference by spending their gift budget this holiday season at the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop. For less than $100, Calgarians can buy a used tuned bike which will help the Good Life be open all year round.

65 % of the Good Life budget comes from bike sales. When Calgarians choose to use part of their holiday budget at the Good Life, they are choosing to buy enivironmentally sustainable items and support a high-impact , award winning nonprofit right here in Calgary.

“When you buy a bike from the Good Life for a loved one, you are not only buying a sweet affordable bike, but you are making it possible for others to learn how to fix their bikes, for youth to get free bikes, and for low income Calgarians to be able to Earn-a-bike,” says Good Life staffer, Brett Aberle.

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