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Stolen Bike?

1. Notify the Police

  • If there are suspects or investigative follow-up is required (e.g., if the area where you locked your bike is covered by video surveillance or if there are witnesses), report your stolen bike by calling the Calgary Police Department non-emergency line (403-266-1234) or visit a district office.
  • Otherwise, and if your bike was worth less than $5,000, you can report the theft online.  You can also report theft of parts and vandalism using the online system.

2. Notify The Good Life, Bike Calgary and the Calgary Cycling community about the theft.

  • Using our online form, you can report your stolen bike to The Good Life and Bike Calgary. Click HERE to access the form. Please note that you have to become a member of Bike Calgary and be logged in to submit a report.
  • Please note that this submission system is meant to be a supplement to the police report, and not a replacement for it.
  • This facilitates the ability of Good Life employees and members tolook out for your bike. Your listing will be added to Bike Calgary’s Stolen Bike Gallery and posted on the Stolen Bikes YYC Twitter and Stolen Bikes YYC Facebook Page.
  • Add your bike theft to the page. You can also add bike accident reports here.

3. Check online classifieds to see if your bike is posted for sale.

  • Try looking through ebay, craigslistKijijis bicycle forums to see if your bike is being sold. There are also bike-specific listings, such as pinkbike.
  • Look not only in your home city, but surrounding cities as well.
  • This should be done frequently, as bikes tend to sell quickly. Also, you should check for several weeks after your bike is stolen. You can also create a Kijiji Alert and a Craigslist alert to be automatically notified by email when there are postings similar to your bike.
  • RackLove has a great tool called the Stolen Bike Finder, which searches the internet for your stolen bike. We highly recommend that you try it!

4. Spread the word. Let the world know that your bike has been stolen!

  • share the link to your Stolen Bike ad with friends (to find it, visit the Stolen Bike Gallery and click on your posting)
  • try posting a wanted ad on the classified sites listed above
  • report your bike as stolen on Bike Shepherd and Bike Index
  • post your stolen bike on The Good Life’s facebook page, or tweet @goodlifebikes and @bikecalgary with hashtags #stolenbike and #yycbike with a link to your stolen bike report
  • print out posters and distribute them around where your bike was stolen
  • come into The Good Life with some posters that include contact information as well as a photo or a detailed description of your bike
  • if you want some encouragement, see how social media and a police report helped this reporter get their bicycle back