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Take all measures possible to prevent theft – bike theft happens! There are many online resources on how to lock your bike properly, what kind of lock to get, etc. Below are some tips on making sure your bike stays safe! Feel free to come into The Good Life to chat with one of our greasers or volunteers about the best way to lock your bike.

Document your bike. Make sure to have on file, in a safe place:

  • the serial number of your bicycle (click here to learn how to find your serial number)
  • proof of ownership such as sales receipt or repair receipts. Even if your bike is used and you have purchased it from an individual, still consider writing out a bill-of-sale for you and the seller to keep. There are many free bill-of-sale templates on the internet such as this one.
  • a description of bicycle and parts (preferably a photo)

Lock your bike

  • Use a good lock, preferably a U-Lock.
  • Always lock your bike, even if you are only going to be gone a few minutes.
  • Lock your bike to something secure and sturdy, preferably a bike rack. Busy public places are usually a good choice when locking your bike.
  • Store your bike inside your home or workplace when possible. Do not leave your bike in a shared area of an apartment building unlocked.
  • Here are some more resources specifically about locking your bike

Report theft immediately. Even if you think there is no hope in finding your bike, reporting the theft to the police sends the message that bike theft is a problem in Calgary and is an issue that should be taken seriously.

Insure and register your bike.

  • If you own an expensive bike, inquire to see if your home insurance covers bike theft and under what conditions, or consider other insurance options.
  • Register your bike at Bike Index and Bike Shepherd. If your bike is stolen, these websites you to report it as stolen and and will help in bike recovery.
  • If you own a Kryptonite lock, make sure to register your lock and keys. Some of their locks come with insurance for your bike if it is stolen.