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A Break from Shows

We are going to be taking a hiatus on hosting events in our shop. With the high volume of bikes coming in around this time we think it best to take a break for now .

We hope to revisit our venue booking requests in the fall of 2017. Keep posted here and to our social media for updates and info!

A huge thanks to everyone who helped us set-up for a show, played a show, or came to one! 

Mechanics Only — Friday 23 June 2017 — Happy Sled Island !

We are super excited to be an all ages venue and community partner with Sled Island 2017 !

Please be aware that today we are offering mechanics only, due to bikes and some parts being tucked away to make space for all you lovely music fans and music makers.  The shop will be back to normal on Saturday 24 June for those in need of some pre-loved bicycles.

Check the Sled Island schedule to see more info about our shows, and come see some great acts !