Winter Workshops!

Guess What!! The Good Life is starting their Winter workshops starting Feb 1st! Each week is something new to learn, so don’t miss it! They will be from 6 – 8pm every Monday. If you are interested in taking one, or ALL, please RSVP ahead of time to save a spot by either messaging us on Facebook or calling us here at the shop! Here’s a list of the Feb. workshops:

Monday February 1 – Winter Biking – learn how to properly prepare you and your bike to endure the winter conditions of Calgary!

Monday February 8 – Air – This workshop is the first of our ABC rules of safety, air, where we will actually be focussing on the whole wheel. Learn how to change and patch tubes, repack your hubs, and do some wheel truing!

Monday February 15 – Brakes – The second part of our ABC rules of safety, B for Brakes. Learn the different types of breaking mechanisms, and how to properly care for and adjust your breaks and break pads, and change your cables.

Monday February 22 РChains РThe last part of our ABC rules of safety, C for Chains. This workshop will be focussing on not just the chain, but the entire drive train of the bike. Learn how to properly care for and clean your chain, adjust d̩railleurs, and learn about the different types of shifters.

Monday February 29 – Bearings – Have you ever ridden your bike and your handlebars are a little hard to turn? Or your cranks are a little stiff to crank? It could be your bearings! Learn how to care for, clean and repack all the bearings in your bike! That would be in the headset, the hubs, and bottom bracket!

If any of these workshops appeal to you, as stated before, please RSVP in either a msg or a phone call (403-984-4727) and let us know which one/s you are interested in doing! We will ask for a small donation per workshop, recommendation of somewhere between $10-$20. Also, if you have an idea of a workshop you would like to take that we haven’t suggested for the future, let us know! We are open for suggestions! We want to know what will be most beneficial for you!

Thanks for supporting us and being interested in what we do at The Good Life Community Bike Shop!

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