Hiring Event Interns: Bike Prom 2015!

We are looking for two fantastic interns to rock our annual collaborative fundraiser, the Bike Prom, with Cyclepalooza Calgary‚Äč! Internships are $1000 for 65 hours ($15/hr) and applicants have to be in post-secondary in “Alberta” – one course in the 2015/2016 year is enough.

To apply, first register with joinscip.ca and then send your credentials to jonny@goodlifebikes.ca We have other internship opportunities as well.

If you’re not in school but want to volunteer to do something concrete and awesome, please email jonny@goodlifebikes.ca.

The Bike Prom is the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop’s annual fundraiser and community-building event. It will be held in late June 2015 in collaboration with Cyclepalooza Festival as the opening event. The Bike Prom Intern(s) will be the primary communication and contact person(s) with the Cyclepalooza team that is jointly working on this fun event on behalf of the Good Life Community. This will include collaboratively planning a venue, sponsors, sound system, music, beverage sales, food, and silent auction.

We are seeking two interns to make this the best Prom ever! It is a big responsibility; however, you will have the support of last year’s intern as well as the Cyclepalooza and Good Life teams. And you’ll meet and work with a bunch of really rad people!

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