Box Social: 2014/11/27

GLC Box Social

This is a big deal! You’re invited whether you’ve been to every meeting ever or haven’t even been into the shop. This is a great way to find out new and interesting ways to help out at the shop! Box Socials are the consensus-based inclusive decision-making parties that everyone’s invited to and that inform the future of the Good Life Community. Box Socials are open to all and essentially function as the steering committee. These meetings focus on The Good Life Community’s long-term goals as well as delegating executive issues. Box Socials are for bigger picture items and avoid day-to-day or tactical items. Please review the agenda and sign up for a role before the day of the meeting.

Box Socials are mandatory for staff (exceptions with good excuses and baked goods) and highly recommended for Board members. The agenda is intended to be set before the meeting so that we can get to task; for add-ons, please email message While all are invited to attend, the ability to veto decisions is reserved to GLC Core Members.


Facilitator (keep on topic, invite speakers, etc):
Time-keeper (keep us on track):
Speakers-list (ensure equal speaking space):
Food-bringer ($40 budget to be reimbursed with receipt at BS):

Intro (6:10PM):
1. Name Go-round and gender pronoun (10 mins Facilitator)
vocalizing pronouns avoids offence, maintains and builds safe-space, introduces participants to anti-oppressive organization
2. Consensus overview (5 mins Facilitator)
3. Review Agenda and agree to stay on track

Updates (6:30PM):
1. Storage space (5 mins Mike Z)
Organizing Plan (bikes in and out of shop)
Secured by Rick McFerring & TWV
2. Shop manual progress and room for support (5 mins Jonny)
Version 1 is “Everything Good” to be broken down into Board Manual, Greaser Manual, and Volunteer Manual
Compiling all past versions and random documents to be updated and edited
Will function as living document to be saved annually for tracking
3. Financial Update (6:40PM) (Jonny 2 mins)
Looking tight in February
Not sustainable beyond October unless we find another funding source
4. Charity Status (Jonny 3 mins)
Still working articles of association
Need past BS minutes, financials, and legals publicly available (on website)
5. Venue (Juliana & Jonny 7 mins)
HPC is far behind and we need another plan for when this lease runs out
Ecospace is still in planning process
Jonny spoke with CMLN (East Village) who may have some ideas for a location in new developments and/or old buildings that will need sweat equity. They want to include DI membership in the community’s redevelopment and recognize us as a fit in that capacity.
David Poon invites a coffee date to talk about potential in the Casablanca space for future years; however, the current financial situation won’t sustain the current expense with current fundraising and David plans to increase the rent
6. DSYIP Intern (Intern 3 mins)
40 hours per week funded by YMCA
Digital Skills focus with at least half in shop supporting Greasers to offset staffing costs during slow season
Intern Introduction

Proposals (6:50PM):
1. Board of Directors (Jonny 10 Mins): Currently have 6 and aim for 10. Get them actually involved and present.
This would ensure long-term planning without distractions of day-to-day or immediate (tactical or operational) concerns
Must ensure this would create a more effective, sustainable, and empowering model as opposed to creating unneeded bureaucracy down the road
2. AGM (5 mins): Plan AGM for January 2015 Box Social.
Annual Return and Financials will be complete
Include BoD candidates and approval process
Potential presentation of amended Articles of Association
3. (15 mins)

Discussions (7:20PM):
1. Venue options & ideas (10 mins):
What do we want to aim for?
Where do we go from here?
2. We need $3000 to ensure we make it through to summer without issue (10 mins)
Fundraising ideas?
3. (10 mins)

Closing Circle (7:50):
1. Shit Sandwich: something you liked about this meeting, something to do better next time, something GL that you’re excited about.
2. Clean up

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