Volunteer Classes

Good Life is going to be holding our Volunteer workshops starting January 9th. There will be four classes from 6pm – 8pm that will occur every second Wednesday. The dates are: January 9th, 23rd, February 6th, and 20th.

These classes are to provide bike knowledge for those who are interested in volunteering at The Good Life! We are asking for a $20 donation (or pay-what-you-can) for the whole workshop series, or a $10 donation if you just plan to drop in on one or two classes.

People who attend two or more classes will be able to use all of their workshop hours towards purchasing used bikes and parts at The Good Life. Anyone is still welcome to volunteer at The Good Life at any time, regardless of whether they have attended these  workshops or not, but these will give you extra mechanical skills to help shop users.

Please RSVP to these classes as soon as possible! You can do so at this link http://doodle.com/28k6rc6hxkhwgxu9 or on the Facebook event.

Email us if you have any questions at events@goodlifebikes.ca.

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