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Examples and Tips On Returning The Streets To The People

Car-free areas are popping up everywhere such as Times Square in New York, and JFK Drive on Sundays in San Francisco, and cities throughout Europe – the streets return to the people. With the Stephen Avenue Mall and more recently the sPark and Open Streets Calgary, this city has only recently begun experimenting with the… Read more »

Good Life Will Be Rolling Into Mission Area

Much of Calgary has been eagerly anticipating the Good Life move but the location remained a closely guarded secret. In the past two weeks, people have been asking daily about the new location. After months of searching followed by weeks of lease negotiation, the Good Life Community Bike Shop is thrilled to announce that we… Read more »

Drastic Increase In Bike Theft

The police say that bike theft has drastically increased (38% over the past year) and urge cyclists to lock up their bikes. The Good Life Community Shop agrees that people should lock up their bikes. Solid U-Locks are available to buy at GLCB for $45 to 55, depending if you want a short cable to… Read more »