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Winter Cycling

Snow won’t stop these cyclists from riding through the mountains of Kananaskis.

Winter has finally come to Calgary. However that’s no reason to put the bike away in storage. Here’s a little article that will help you get ready and riding in winter. Also remember that we at the Good Life Community Bike Shop have lots of experience in winter riding and will help you winterize your bike(s).

“Sure, it was cold and my eyes would water and my nose would run like Niagara Falls. So I bought some handkerchiefs and kept on riding. I bought a better pair of gloves and kept on riding. I learned to love wool and kept on riding.

As the mercury drops and the days feel like they’ve barely started by the time it gets dark again, continuing to bike ride is the best way I’ve found for improving my mood and giving me energy to do more than just sit under a blanket. If you’re curious about riding in the winter here are a few tips to help you get started”


New research on the dangers of cycling vs dangers of inactivity

Do you ever into those concerned discussions about the dangers of cycling? Well there is a news article from The Guardian of the UK that should help you counter those concerns. The key point is worth quoting in full:

“All activities carry a risk. For some reason there seems to be strong focus on the risk of injury associated with cycling. Clearly, when deaths do takes place that’s tragic, and we need to do all we can to avoid them. But I think there is a perception that cycling is much more dangerous than it really is.

This focus on the dangers of cycling is something to do with the visibility of them, and the attention it’s given. What we don’t notice is that if you were to spend an hour a day riding a bike rather than being sedentary and driving a car there’s a cost to that sedentary time. It’s silent, it doesn’t get noticed. What we’re talking about here is shifting the balance from that invisible danger of sitting still towards the positive health benefits of cycling.” – Dr. Harry Rutter, National Obesity Observatory, UK

CommunityWise Forum on Consensus Building

Good Life Bikes makes decisions as an organization using consensus. If you are interested in learning about how consensus works and how to utilize it as you organize in your communities, then you might be interested in the CommunityWise Forum 2012 on Friday November 30. It  will explore the theme of Consensus Building – participatory governance and community development. Also, Good Life Bikes along with the famed activist and author Starhawk will be presenting.

Fees: $40-$20 per person, (Calgary Dollars Accepted).
Payments made online (Eventbrite), or at the office (address: 223 – 12 Avenue SW)
(Sliding Scale Cost). Payment includes day forum and a lunch.
Pay for evening presentation separately ($15)

Tickets available in advance at the website or call 403-261-9660 or email forum(at)