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Soldering Bike Lights Workshop

There will be a soldering workshop/competition at the U of C on March 30th. It costs $20 (which is refunded when you attend the workshop) and you will learn how to make a tail light for your bike.

You can either purchase the light or it will be donated to The Good Life at the end of the workshop.

More information and registration here:


Safe and Smooth Symposium

On March 21, Safer Calgary will hold a symposium at Fort Calgary to showcase the results of the work of Dutch urban design students from NHTV Breda, who’ve been working on a number of projects addressing planning and engineering issues in Calgary related to transportation, liveability, and safety. The four main themes are

  • Mixed mobility (pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles) use areas
  • Cycling Infrastructure
  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Suburban Renovation

More information, poster and registration information can be found after the jump.


Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP)

Check out to make $1000 doing an awesome short-term job for the Good Life Community! We have several SCiP internships available to post-secondary students! You have to be enrolled in at least one class at a qualifying post-secondary institution between August 1 2014 and July 31st 2015 to qualify. Just fill out their application and message to give a heads-up.

Currently we have several job postings and, if you have a great idea for a paid student internship, email and we can work on developing one together.  Current internship opportunities include Mechanic Educator Intern, GEM Intern, Fundraising Intern, Digital Media Intern, and several others.

More information about eligibility here: