G.E.M. (Gender Empowerment Mechanics) Day

From 11am-6pm every Wednesday, Good Life is reserved for use by women and non-binary individuals exclusively. With a mechanic or two on hand, participants are encouraged to come and socialize, develop new skills, or work on their own bicycle related projects. This night serves as a place to strengthen mechanics skills, build confidence and give access to peer support and community. We call it G.E.M. Day instead of Women’s Wednesday to make sure it’s equally welcoming to anyone that identifies as non-binary or a-gender.

The goal of the program is to take the time to provide a safer, welcoming, and empowering space for people who may feel less comfortable in what’s often assumed to be a male dominated atmosphere while also making friends, having fun, and building community.

For additional information check out these resources:

Coalition for Safer Spaces

WTF (Women Trans Femme) Night at Davis Bike Collective

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