Drastic Increase In Bike Theft

The police say that bike theft has drastically increased (38% over the past year) and urge cyclists to lock up their bikes. The Good Life Community Shop agrees that people should lock up their bikes. Solid U-Locks are available to buy at GLCB for $45 to 55, depending if you want a short cable to come with it. (Keep in mind that we’re closing temporarily Sunday 5PM in order to move.)


We find it sad that the only advice that the police have is to lock up the bikes but do not provideĀ  any tips regarding types of locks, how to lock up the bike, etc. We suggest that you check out the tips and resources from Bike Calgary and Momentum Magazine.


An additional strategy in protecting your bike from theft (that isn’t listed in the above articles): instead of riding an expensive bike, focus on riding a used bike that would have little payout to the thief to steal and sell – just make sure it rides well. (Yes this is some self-promotion here but someone has to do it.)

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