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Drastic Increase In Bike Theft

The police say that bike theft has drastically increased (38% over the past year) and urge cyclists to lock up their bikes. The Good Life Community Shop agrees that people should lock up their bikes. Solid U-Locks are available to buy at GLCB for $45 to 55, depending if you want a short cable to… Read more »


Have you ever wanted to dress up and go to your Prom by bike? Well here is your opportunity. Dress up in your finest prom gear and we’ll cruise the streets, ending at The Good Life for a wicked dance party and the kick-off party for Cyclepalooza! TICKETS BY DONATION * members of Good Life… Read more »

New research on the dangers of cycling vs dangers of inactivity

Do you ever into those concerned discussions about the dangers of cycling? Well there is a news article from The Guardian of the UK that should help you counter those concerns. The key point is worth quoting in full: “All activities carry a risk. For some reason there seems to be strong focus on the… Read more »