$ breakdown of City spending in transportation spending

Some of you have gotten into discussion maybe even arguments about the City of Calgary paying too much attention to cyclists and not enough to drivers, or more specifically “focusing its planning and transportation infrastructure spending in the wrong places”. Here is a budget breakdown of the $6.1 billion investment in Calgary over the next 10 years:

* 63 per cent ($3.9 billion) invested in roads, including interchanges, roadway construction, signage, lighting and traffic lights;
* 31 per cent ($1.9 billion) invested in transit, including light rail transit (LRT), bus rapid transit (BRT) and buses;
* Four per cent ($238 million) invested in walking, including sidewalks, pathways and pedestrian bridges;
* Two per cent ($119 million) invested in cycling, including bike lanes and cycle tracks.

Here is the link to the opinion editorial by Don Mulligan, director of transportation planning at the City of Calgary.

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