Box Social Thursday June 4 7PM

Box Social Agenda




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Agenda prepared by: Jonny B




1. Name Go-round and gender pronoun (10 mins Facilitator)

  • Directly discussing pronouns avoids offence, maintains and builds safer-space, introduces participants to our anti-oppressive organization’s intentions, and sets the stage for a positive, fun, and respectful meeting

  • This is very important and people need to pay attention and show respect during this intro; this sets up the tone for the rest of the meeting

  • If a participant can’t respect this process, it may be a strong sign that they are not ready to participate in this decision-making process

2. Consensus overview (5 mins Greaser)

3. Respect guidelines and conduct contract: Review Membership Agreement (5 mins Greaser)

4. Review Agenda and agree to stay on track (5 mins Facilitator)


Updates (7:25):

1. Financial Update (Time, Accounting Coordinator)

  • Cash flow and forward looking finances

2. POS Update (Time, Simone)

  • Membership system and inventory

  • What’s going on with it?

  • Why do we always run out of forms?

  • Why does it take ages to enter people into the system?

  • Can we get better at all of this, and if yes what’s our plan for doing so?

3. Coordination Team (Time, Presenter Name)

4. Melinda and her excellent skill set and the possibilities there (Ripley and Melinda)

5. Bike Prom/ cyclepalooza (Time, Presenter Name)

6. Charitable Status Application and Restructuring (Time, Presenter Name)

  • Revisit what corporation and incorporate mean in this context so we are all on the same page

7. Bow Valley College volunteers (Time, Presenter Name)

8. Progress on the 7th Avenue space (Time, Presenter Name)

  • Need for more shop/community members to get involved


Proposals (Time):

1. Sunday hours (Time, Presenter Name)

2. Move ahead with the cycling survey project (Time, Juliana)

  • Call for more shop/community members to get involved

3. (Time, Presenter Name)


Discussions (Time):

1. ContainR (Time, Presenter Name)

  • Status

  • Purchasing?

  • It’ll be expensive to have multiple locations over the summer – how shall we navigate this?

2. Current Lease (Time, Presenter Name)

  • Expenses: Door ($600), Water Heater ($800)

  • Terrible Lease

  • Wondering why everyone is so stressed about this? Is it just because we haven’t found an alternative yet?

3. Improving/enhancing our partnership with the city (Time, Juliana)

  • The City of Calgary has recently hired several Bike Ambassadors

  • Lain Marjoribanks and a few other Bike Ambassadors are going to be coming this week to meet our community and get a feeling for what we do

  • “My role with the City is as a Bike Ambassador, so for that part I’m working with Katherine Glowacz. You can read a bit more here. My main role is to inform the public about the new bike lanes and encourage people to use them safely (ie showing cyclists how to use the turn boxes, and reminding cars that they’re not a parking lane). My secondary role is to report on what we’re seeing, and making suggestions about how the signage and lane marking can be improved. That might include prioritizing bike infrastructure around cyclist services, in accordance with official city plans. For inquiries of this sort, please continue to contact me at

  • But as a community organizer and researcher, I’m interested in helping you guys. I’ve been a co-op volunteer and occasional board member for about 6 years.  I’m also a student at UBC with a particular interest in transit- and bicycle-oriented development and gentrification. In other words, I’m interested in the forces that have caused you (and other co-ops) to have to move around so frequently, and how to have an easier time of it. In my spare (non-work) time, I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you. For inquiries of this sort, please contact me at my private address,

  • I think Iain and his other Bike Ambassador buds will make excellent allies for the shop and I am looking forward to meeting them!


Closing Circle (8:45):

1. Rust Sandwich: something you liked about this meeting, something to do better next time, something GL that you’re excited about. (10 mins Facilitator)

2. Clean up

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