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New research on the dangers of cycling vs dangers of inactivity

Do you ever into those concerned discussions about the dangers of cycling? Well there is a news article from The Guardian of the UK that should help you counter those concerns. The key point is worth quoting in full: “All activities carry a risk. For some reason there seems to be strong focus on the… Read more »

CommunityWise Forum on Consensus Building

Good Life Bikes makes decisions as an organization using consensus. If you are interested in learning about how consensus works and how to utilize it as you organize in your communities, then you might be interested in the CommunityWise Forum 2012 on Friday November 30. It ¬†will explore the theme of Consensus Building – participatory… Read more »

The Good Life and Market Collective: Let’s have more bike parking!

As most of you already know, Good Life Bikes shares the Anthill Building with Market Collective. There is much controversy surrounding the cancellation of 2 out 3 weekends in December that Market Collective was hoping to have the Anthill Building. Here are some newspaper articles for more information: Calgary Herald Article FFWD Article We wanted… Read more »