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Show and Shine!


Hello all you fellow cyclists! This year The Good Life Community Bike Shop will be hosting a Show & Shine competition with Culture Days in Calgary, and we want your bicycles. Not just any bicycle, we want your most creative, amazing, awe-inspiring, drool worthy two-wheelers for a chance to win 50$!

WHAT: The Show & Shine is a beauty competition for you bikes. There will be two categories; 1) SHINIEST BIKE and, 2) MOST CREATIVE BIKE. Each category has a prize of 50$! Woo! So either bring down your wackiest bike or your prized possession and let the world admire your babies!

HOW: Simply bring your bike down to the Olympic Plaza (near Famous Five), register in a category, vote for your favourite bike, and win! Easy. When you register your bike, it will be placed on a stand while fellow culture day attenders oogle from the street and vote for their favourites.

WHEN: Registration is from 3:30-6:30PM on Friday, September 25, and the winner will be announced at 7:00PM.

So come on down to hang out, see the festivities and check out some wicked cool bikes! See you!

FYI: Just so everyone knows, once you register your bike, it will have to remain in the showing area until the end of the event in order to win! We will be roping off an area to keep the public away, as well as keeping a vigilant on all of them.


The ride starts at 7pm at Eau Claire & the dance party starts at 9pm at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (1320 5 Ave NW, Calgary).

The shop will be closing at 5pm tomorrow – we’ll be back to regular hours on Saturday.