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$ breakdown of City spending in transportation spending

Some of you have gotten into discussion maybe even arguments about the City of Calgary paying too much attention to cyclists and not enough to drivers, or more specifically “focusing its planning and transportation infrastructure spending in the wrong places”. Here is a budget breakdown of the $6.1 billion investment in Calgary over the next 10 years:

* 63 per cent ($3.9 billion) invested in roads, including interchanges, roadway construction, signage, lighting and traffic lights;
* 31 per cent ($1.9 billion) invested in transit, including light rail transit (LRT), bus rapid transit (BRT) and buses;
* Four per cent ($238 million) invested in walking, including sidewalks, pathways and pedestrian bridges;
* Two per cent ($119 million) invested in cycling, including bike lanes and cycle tracks.

Here is the link to the opinion editorial by Don Mulligan, director of transportation planning at the City of Calgary.

Cecelia School 6th Annual Bike Recycle & Exchange Event April 25th

Ecole St. Cecilia School (610 Agate Crescent S.E.Calgary AB (just west on Southland Dr. past Blackfoot)) is hosting our 6th annual bicycle recycle and exchange event.  All families are encouraged to donate to the school any bikes or parts that they have out-grown and have the opportunity to get another bike for the upcoming summer that will fit better. Those donating a working bike will receive a $10 voucher (per bike) that can be exchanged towards a different bike.  All donated bikes will be sold on Saturday April 25 10:00am-1:00pm at the cost of $20 (max. one voucher per bike). This year we are also opening up our collections to include used bike parts.  This is a great way to make some space in the garage or shed and know that you have helped your friends and community by reducing the need to purchase a new bike when your family has one that is no longer needed.  Also, encouraging the reuse of our bicycles, helps ensure that kids have easy access to healthy activities.  Bicycles and parts that do not find a home during our event will be donated to other organizations or recycled.  We are accepting all bikes from tricycles to adults.  Bike drop offs will be accepted Thursday April 23 and Friday April 24 from 3:30 to 6:30 pm each day.  Last year we had 392 bikes find new homes, this time we hope for 400+.   Please see our web page at

Hiring Event Interns: Bike Prom 2015!

We are looking for two fantastic interns to rock our annual collaborative fundraiser, the Bike Prom, with Cyclepalooza Calgary​! Internships are $1000 for 65 hours ($15/hr) and applicants have to be in post-secondary in “Alberta” – one course in the 2015/2016 year is enough.

To apply, first register with and then send your credentials to We have other internship opportunities as well.

If you’re not in school but want to volunteer to do something concrete and awesome, please email

The Bike Prom is the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop’s annual fundraiser and community-building event. It will be held in late June 2015 in collaboration with Cyclepalooza Festival as the opening event. The Bike Prom Intern(s) will be the primary communication and contact person(s) with the Cyclepalooza team that is jointly working on this fun event on behalf of the Good Life Community. This will include collaboratively planning a venue, sponsors, sound system, music, beverage sales, food, and silent auction.

We are seeking two interns to make this the best Prom ever! It is a big responsibility; however, you will have the support of last year’s intern as well as the Cyclepalooza and Good Life teams. And you’ll meet and work with a bunch of really rad people!