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Now Hiring Student For Full-time Summer Job

Summer Festival Coordinator

35 hours/week at $15/hour hiring immediately.  Must be enrolled in post-secondary to apply.

The Summer Festival Coordinator will participate in the Good Life’s daily activities in educating Calgarians about bicycle safety and mechanics while additionally being responsible for coordinating the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop’s involvement in summer 2014 Calgary festivals. During the summer (very) busy season, the Good Life supports summer festivals by promoting cycling, engaging the public with educational games, and empowering Calgarians with hands-on learning. The Good Life’s presence and services have been requested by many summer festivals in Calgary (including groups working with persons with disabilities, newcomers to Canada, persons who are homeless or street-involved, other groups with social or employment barriers including literacy and numeracy, children and youth, seniors as well as groups related to environmental protection and public health and safety) and participates in these kinds of events every week during the summer. The position will be responsible for coordinating volunteers for events, including developing new ways of doing volunteer outreach and scheduling. They will coordinate equipment, activities, and promotional materials at the festivals, in addition, they will be a physical presence and coordinator at summer events.

This job involves volunteer and event coordination in addition to gaining experience in local community development and the non-profit sector, necessary skills and experience for these fields.  This job relates to environmental Science, eco-tourism, environmental design by providing experience to students with an organization involved in environmental protection.  Students studying to become teachers will gain experience in educating Calgarians about bicycle safety and mechanics and facilitating groups of various sizes while students interested in event planning/management and public outreach will gain hands-on experience as well.  This job is directly related to community development and involves bringing together and creating a safe group learning environment for extremely diverse individuals.

Please contact for more info and to apply.


Temporary Student Job Opening

The Bike Prom is the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop’s annual fundraiser and community-building event in collaboration with Cyclepalloza. It will be held on June 27 2014. The Bike Prom Intern(s) will be the primary communication and contact person with the Cyclepalooza staff on behalf of the Good Life Community in organizing this event. This will include collaboratively planning a venue, sponsors, sound system, music, beverage sales, food, and silent auction.  You need to be awesome, fun, creative, collaborative, and fantastic at making good things happen.

This internship is $1000 for approx 65 hours.  Please check out to make sure you’re eligible (completed or completing at least one class this year and have a student number).  Also check it out for our other awesome intern opportunities!

Message for more info.

Next Box Social – March 27

Box Socials are the consensus-based inclusive decision-making parties that everyone’s invited to and that form the future of the Good Life Community. This is a big deal! You’re invited whether you’ve been to every meeting ever or haven’t even been into the shop.

Next one will be on Thursday March 27 starting at 7PM. Click on the following link for the agenda: